A Word From Our Pastor And His Wife

We are so glad you have come to worship today as we celebrate the love of God uniquely extended to this world in Jesus of Nazareth.  Our worship is "blended", combining past and present worship styles in the belief that there is great value for all the generations in knowing and affirming one another's worship preferences.  Please join us for worship and the warm welcome of our church family.
Rev. Horward J. Jr. & Michele Cilento



Thank You

The flag reminds us that while we enjoy Freedom, we have young men and women in harms way protecting our rights, and us by fighting the war on terrorism. 
Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers.  We must thank them, their families, and those that went before.

Watts Up?!

We would like to invite you to our services

September 14, Pastor Howard will be preaching on "Five

Keys of Growing Faith"at 10:30 am

In the evening, We will have the first DVD on "Acts Of God" at 6:00 pm

This session deals with the question, "If God is good, why

does He allow bad things to happen?"


On September 18, Instead of the regular Circle of Faith

Bible Study, we will be haveing our Fall and Winter Planning

meeting. Bring your ideas to share!

On September 23, we will have the Gathering at the Well

Bible Study at the parsonage at 9:00


September 28, in the 10:30 worship service we will be

hearing from Team Rock.

This Team will be sharing their testimonies as well as their

martial arts demonstrations.


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